So many Men's College Basketball players are "One and Done" these days.

They will spend one year in college, show up to class for 7 months, and then graduate to the NBA.

Whose to blame?  The NBA  is the one that has the rule.  And they gave the NCAA a year, it use to not be an issue.

But let's do the math.

13 guys to a roster, 30 teams in the league, gives us 390 players.  Let's just concentrate on the first rounders that go to the NBA, which equals 30.  The first rounders of each draft make up 1/13th of the league as they should.  So that means, the ones who are good enough to be within the top 20 should leave. 

Why stay in school and play for free? 

Because they get an education.  You're telling me that if they want an education they can't get one on their own time?  Shaq just got another Doctorate degree.  If you want a degree, with a million dollars, you can get a degree.

Think of how much better they can be.  Are they not playing agaisnt the best in the world?  I do agree they will lack fundamentals, something the NBA has lacked for years, but they will still become better players just by the caliber of talent and size they now face.

Think of how good my college team will be if they stay, they can win a National Championship.  They don't really care about that when millions are staring them in the face.  Plus, that really means more to you than them.

So I say, GET YOUR MONEY.  Who cares if you are a bust.  You are going to have a couple great years of life as a millionaire.  It will be its own education.




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