I have been hearing a lot of commentary lately on how boring the MLB HR derby is.  "What are some ideas to bring it back?" 

"Active vs Retired" - "Aluminum Bats"

I think it is boring because the batter watches 6 or 7 pitches before he swings.  They wait for their selected pitcher to pitch a gem before they swing.  Why not take the pitcher out of the equation.  Let's add a pitching machine.  Everyone can adjust their own settings before they begin.

Then, the batters will still wait for 6 or 7 pitches before they are ready to swing.  Now what?

How about something baseball has never had?  How about a play clock?

Instead of outs, you have 3 minutes to hit as many homeruns as possible.  That would really speed things up and make it interesting.  A good watch, or listen. 

Hey, to heck with the pitching machine, how about off of a tee?



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